Not only are we crafting coffee of the highest quality, we’re also disrupting the coffee industry by bringing more balance to the traditional value chain.

Currently, close to 99% of all coffee exports are raw, unroasted beans.


Roasting, packing, branding and distribution account for up to 85% of the value chain after import, not benefitting the coffee producing countries.

Our coffee is grown, handpicked, roasted and packaged in Ethiopia.

More jobs, more skills and more income remain in the country of origin.

Ethiopia is one of Africa’s largest coffee producers and home to the Arabica plant. It's estimated that around 15M Ethiopians relies on coffee for their livelihood. 

The country’s biggest industry however, is charity, not coffee.

It can change though, calculations show that if Ethiopia did start to roast it’s own beans and export the finished product, the country could triple it’s income and start to move beyond aid.


Forestry coffee farming promotes biodiversity, protect and plant trees, prevent landslides and soil erosion, whilst creating a rich habitat for the native wildlife.

In this clever ecosystem, aiding the farmer, insect- and nectar eating birds plays an important role, combating insect pests and pollinating plants.


The Arabica plants are sustainably grown in the shade of the forest canopy. Here the coffee cherries ripen slowly, absorbing nutrients and flavours of the forest, its fallen fruits and rich flora.

Forest grown coffee does not produce the same quantity as that of a field, however the quality and flavours are incomparable.

At GORA we pay a premium for these beans, acknowledging their high quality and the positive impact of forest farming.


We strive to deliver a coffe, that is as sustainable as it’s tasty. In addition to a more balanced value distribution, we also focus on reducing our carbon footprint.

As a result of the organic forestry farming, GORA has a low CO2 consumption and we work continuously to lower it even further, also in terms of logistics and packaging.

Completed earlier this year, GORA is now roasting at what will be one of Africa's first carbon free roasting facilities. While the roastery is operational and technically compliant, the official carbon free validation is still pending.